Alimenta 2000


Pastiera 500gr
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From the Neapolitan baking tradition, a cake to celebrate Easter and the beginning of spring. Two are the ingredients that make it unique: the orange flower flavourings and the boiled rice for our 100% gluten-free version.

-18°C see packaging
-12°C 3 weeks
-6°C 1 week
refrigerating room 3 days

Prepared gluten-free (rice flour, corn starch, potato starch, corn flour, matodextrin, pea protein, xantan, flour locust been seeds) sugar, ricotta (whey, cream and sheep's milk, milk cream, lactic acid), cow's milk ricotta, rice, eggs, butter, milk, water, egg yolk, liqueur, vanilla.

Nutritional value

KJ 1258
Kcal 300
Proteins 4,6 gr
Carboydrates 41,3 gr
Fats 12,3 gr