Alimenta 2000


Panettone with raisins 300gr.
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The traditional sweet form Milan that announces Christmas. A symbol of conviviality and serenuty. A unique taste you can't do without in its classic version with raisins and candied fruit.



Room temperature

Product classification:


Prepared gluten-free: (rice starch, corn starch, rice flour, skim milk powder, sugar, potato starch, pea protein, guar, CMC ( E466 ) ), eggs, sugar, milk, butter, yolk, yeast, raisin, candie sweet, butter aroma, flavor cake, vanilla aroma, sorbic acid, xanthan.

Nutritional value

KJ 1133
Kcal 271
Proteins 3,9 gr
Carboydrates 60,3 gr
Fats 6.0 gr