Who we are

Born in Somma Vesuviana in 1998, Alimenta2000 starts operating in the field of gluten-free food, creating a whole product line of its own: its aim was to meet the needs of the many people affected by coeliac disease who had to avoid not only gluten but, as a consequence, even tasty food. Later on, going after the needs of the market, the company creates new product lines while reinforcing the first ones.

In the following years and with several endeavours, the company commits to emproving the quality of both the products themselves and their related distribution services, thus becoming a more and more relevant reality in the field of gluten-free nutrition.

The company positions itself among the first ones in Italy not only in terms how long it has been on the market, but also for the production methods of gluten-free food. As of today, Alimenta2000 carries a 15-year background of knowledge and expertise.

The company has been commercializing sweet and savoury baked product since 2000, both through the pharmacy channel and through specialized stores. In 2002, after the rise of demands from the market, Alimenta2000 decided to develop a plant only focused on the production of goods for gluten-free nutrition; such an investment has made it possibile for the company to internally produce almost any item and to organize an effective system for designing and developing new products, with the aim of constantly widening the product range and affirming the company reputation in the market of gluten-free products.

Alimenta2000's main purpose is therefore aiming at a constant corporate growth in terms of product and process innovation, market acquisition and, above all, customer satisfaction.

Our Values


100% gluten-free production with absolutely no contamination risk


Every single products is created with taste in mind. Gluten-free nutrition must be a pleasure at first.


We believe in a process where crafsmanship meets innovation: from our artisan's hands to the mouths of our customers, Alimenta2000 stands out of the crowd.


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